Grip Truck (Non-CDL)

Our three ton grip package serves as a perfect starting point for your Grip & Electric order. Included in the 18' Internaltional CF500 truck is enough grip equipment to meet the needs of most small-to-medium budget commercials and independent productions. With the majority of the equipment pre-loaded onto carts and plenty of space for additional lights, expendables, dollies, and more, working out of this truck a pleasure for the crew.

The full contents of the truck package can be found here.

The full catalogue of our grip & electric equipment can be found here.


ArriMax 1800W HMI
Arrisun 1200W HMI


4' 4Bank
2' 4Bank
Diva 401


Baby Senior 5K
Junior 2K
Baby 1K
Tweenie/Arri 650W
Arri 300W
Mini Mole 200W

Soft Light & Open Face
Baby Zip 2K Soft Light
JEM Ball 30” (1000W)
Mighty 2K
Mickey 1K

Theatrical & Par Fixtures
Par Can 64 (1000W)
Source4 Ellipsoidal


Honda Inverter Generators

Electrical Distribution (Up to 100A)

Grip Equipment

Overhead Frames & Rags
12'x 12'
8'x 8'
6'x 6'

Flags & Nets
4'x 4'
24"x 36"
18"x 24"

Clamps & Hardware

Apple Boxes